Because a change in hardware the component/application that was used to create the custom papers has broken. Because of this,a new solution needs to be done to get these functions to work again. However, many of the templates that has already been done still works. So if you try to make a paper and it works, then someone has done it for you before the system broke, orelse I am sorry for the inconvenience... Work is being done on fixing this... Sorry for the inconvenience... :/
Here is a strange one (requested)... As I dont normally use this kind of paper, let me know what extra features could be needed. Line width for the different lines? etc etc...
Fill in the form below to create a custom isometric tiled template. Please email any problems or suggestions to

718x865 Penultimate with older iPads (1&2)
1436*1730 Penultimate Retina devices.
768*960 Goodnotes Portrait on older iPads (non retina).
1536*1920 Goodnotes Portrait Retina devices.
1024*704 Goodnotes Landscape on older iPads (non retina).
2048*1408 Goodnotes Landscape Retina devices.
Square size (contains four smaller squares):
Large Square line width: Keep this an even number for best result. And above 100 orelse it wont work?
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